Dusk TV

"Dusk! is a monthly subscription adult film television channel and website dedicated to "porn for women". Based in the Netherlands, Dusk! is available on all Dutch cable operators (including Ziggo, UPC Netherlands, CAIW and KPN), 15 other European countries and the United States. The channel broadcasts 24/7 and is owned by 2GrapesMedia.

Dusk! was founded in 2008 by Martijn Broersma with the aim of building an erotic TV channel based on the sexual preferences of women. When it was launched in the Netherlands in 2009, Dusk! was the first adult TV channel in the world aimed at a female audience. In 2011, the channel was reportedly available to 1.2 million viewers. By January 2015, it had undergone significant growth: all Dutch cable operators offered Dusk! in their erotic package, and 15 other European countries and the United States offered it via video on demand.

The supply of female-oriented adult films – variously known as "porn for women", women's pornography, women's erotica, or porna according to Dusk! – has been increasing since the rise of feminist pornography in the 1980s, and has become increasingly accepted since. With rising success in the 2010s, Dusk! played a significant role in helping many (potential) female porn consumers find what they like according to their own fantasies and needs, which many of them had not found in mainstream porn, which usually only focuses on men's sexual pleasure."