"5 Plus is an Israeli television channel owned and operated by the RGE Communications Group. This channel was launched in 2001 as part of an effort to create a sports pay-tv network, but those plans would eventually be discarded, making 5 Plus available as a free channel in 2006.

Over the years, 5 Plus has been known as an overflow channel to 5 Sport, covering some of the most relevant competitions in the world for disciplines such as football, basketball, motorsports, handball, volleyball, baseball, mixed martial arts, and ice hockey, among others. Both domestic and international competitions have been aired on this channel, while additional coverage such as highlights shows and sports news shows have also been included in the channel’s programming.

Speaking about football, 5 Plus has covered games tournaments such as the English Premier League, the French Ligue 1, the Austrian Bundesliga, the J1-League, and the A-League. Other top-caliber competitions aired by this channel have included the UEFA Champions League.

5 Plus was launched as a Standard Definition channel, but a High-Definition feed for this channel was developed and eventually launched in February 2012. Both feeds may still be available to watch via different pay-tv carriers across the country."

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