The Shopping Channel

"TSC (formerly The Shopping Channel) is a Canadian discretionary service channel owned by the Rogers Sports & Media subsidiary of Rogers Communications. The channel showcases various products which viewers can purchase either by telephone or internet.

As with most home shopping channels, the products are mainly aimed at a female audience, though some products target males as well. Products include those from such categories as fashion, beauty, home and garden, and electronics.

Founded by Canadian entrepreneur John Goldberg, the channel went on the air on January 15, 1987 as the Canadian Home Shopping Network (CHSN), under the umbrella of the Canadian Home Shopping Club (CHSC), and was affiliated with the U.S. Home Shopping Network (HSN). The channel was exempted from licensing by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), but for several years this was on the condition the channel not use live motion video to demonstrate its products. Animated graphics could be used, but otherwise CHSN was limited to a slide-show format with voice-overs. This restriction was lifted in 1995.

The first on-air host was Sandi Hall. Hosts from the first year included "Bargain" Bill Allison (husband to Betty-Jean Allison, also a former host), Mike Banks, Craig Hamilton (Stash Cairo), Alexandra Elliot (Martha Zidel) and Rosemary Frasier, Hugh Wilson, and Steve Oatway. In January 1988, Rogers Communications acquired the organization from John Goldberg. Rogers then installed Simon Dean as the new president."